Richmond Restaurant based in Portobello Dublin offers up an array of contemporary cooking from Head Chef David O’Byrne formerly of Mulberry Gardens & La Mere Zou.

Together with Owner and Manager Russell Wilde formerly of The Butcher Grill & Cafe Bar Deli, each bring their expertise in the restaurant business to the fore.


The premises was previously The Gig’s Place; a late night, greasy spoon eatery. Unloved and falling into disrepair in the last few years, the building has been lovingly repaired and refurbished, giving it back its dignity and making it one of the most beautiful and inviting buildings on the street.


The next course is an absolute stunner. A modestly named celeriac and mushroom pie shows serious skill and stays just the right side of cheffy fervour. The light flaky pastry encloses intensely savoury flavours – earthy celeriac and rich girolles, with a cep cream to dip it in and feathery bits of crispy kale to add texture and a ferrous note. This might be my dish of the year.

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“If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the team at Richmond must be feeling flattered beyond their wildest dreams at the minute.”




”If he never achieves anything else in his career, there is already the glittering, culinary footnote, David O’Byrne invented chicken fat toast”

”I liked the melty cheek meat best and the croquette was divine – crunchy on the outside with soft, spicy, fatty little gems on the inside”

“I think the tasting menu is what we got noticed for, we had a lot of reviewers in and they were all good, but when the Tuesday tasting kicked off, that’s when we really started to get noticed. I think that’s where we got the Michelin inspection from. He had a tasting menu and then he introduced himself at the end…
Setting the bar high Davey admits “next year is going to be a big year, I’m only getting started to touch what we want to do. It’s just trying to keep everyone motivated, that’s the thing, I think changing the menu helps. I’ve worked in places where the menu doesn’t change for three or four months and it’s mundane. So here it’s great. It’s very hard though, it’s a lot of pressure on the boys because they have to come up with ideas.”
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”A real gem of a neighbourhood restaurant with a rustic look and a lively feel; sit upstairs for a more sedate experience. The vibrant, gutsy dishes change regularly – apart from the Dexter burger and rib-eye which are mainstays; on Tuesdays they serve a good value tasting menu where they try out new ideas.”

“Richmond has been wooing Portobello locals and wowing critics in its first year, and it’s easy to see why. This is a confident, creative and accomplished kitchen being given the freedom and respect needed to do their thing without being pigeon-holed into the latest soundbite-friendly trend…”

Voted: Best neighbourhood restaurant
”An unassuming front means that unless you know it’s there you might miss Richmond. That would be a shame. It’s a hardworking restaurant cooking great bistro staples with a nifty early bird-deal during the week.”

”Chefs all try to outdo each other, but the best ones in the world rely on good ingredients and have the confidence to just put three simple sardines on a plate. It cost about a tenner, but I’d genuinely pay €50 just to get that taste again right now as I write this. My coffee was perfect, my juice freshly squeezed and the bill very modest at under €30.
Eating out is subjective but I can safely say that from a personal perspective this was the very best thing I’ve eaten in 2016. By a country mile.”
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“We’re on the early bird, which is an all-night bird midweek and Sunday nights, of €25 for three courses. Of course it’s only a steal if the food is good, and the great news is 43 has gone from forgotten dive to shiny new city gem…. A burger on brioche is bang-on, smoky meat that is everything a burger needs to be: good meat expertly cooked….There’s a lemon tart to make a Frenchman weep for home, with an apple-green pistachio ice-cream to make his Italian cousin mist up too…More than a good neighbourhood joint. Put it on your list of great city restaurants”
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”Richmond is very stripped back…there’s no unnecessary detail and the same goes for the menu and wine list. Even the service is understated, calm, efficient and in a sense, refreshingly ineffusive….The côte de boeuf had been cooked to perfection… a shared dessert was simple and brilliant (lemon tart)”

“Wilde has chosen his team extremely well, and the atmosphere on the night we dined was infectious, with a combination of sterling food and top quality service after only a month of trading Richmond, much like it’s regenerating street, has a very bright future ahead, in get in now while you can.” …
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“Give your support and you will be rewarded with David O’Byrne’s food – of stunning quality and rich in imagination. We had a great time here; you will, too.”

“(Richmond) is turning out impressively cooked and flavourful food for a very fair price, which is exactly what a good neighbourhood restaurant should be doing. Throw in some really great service and wines to suit a range of budgets and you’ve got a pretty enticing proposition…”

For reservations

01 4788783
[email protected]
43 Richmond St South
Portobello, Dublin 2.

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