Photograph : Ros Kavanagh

                          Photograph : Ros Kavanagh

              Images from Twitter: @richmonddublin2


Richmond Restaurant based in Portobello Dublin offers up an array of contemporary cooking from Head Chef David O'Byrne formerly of Mulberry Gardens & La Mere Zou.

Together with Owner and Manager Russell Wilde formerly of The Butcher Grill & Cafe Bar Deli, each bring their expertise in the restaurant business to the fore.




The location

The premises was previously The Gig's Place; a late night, greasy spoon eatery. Unloved and falling into disrepair in the last few years, the building has been lovingly repaired and refurbished, giving it back its dignity and making it one of the most beautiful and inviting buildings on the street.



A shining gem of a restaurant in Portobello - The Irish Times

"We’re on the early bird, which is an all-night bird midweek and Sunday nights, of €25 for three courses. Of course it’s only a steal if the food is good, and the great news is 43 has gone from forgotten dive to shiny new city gem.... A burger on brioche is bang-on, smoky meat that is everything a burger needs to be: good meat expertly cooked....There’s a lemon tart to make a Frenchman weep for home, with an apple-green pistachio ice-cream to make his Italian cousin mist up too...More than a good neighbourhood joint. Put it on your list of great city restaurants"

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A New Lease of Life -

"Wilde has chosen his team extremely well, and the atmosphere on the night we dined was infectious, with a combination of sterling food and top quality service after only a month of trading Richmond, much like it's regenerating street, has a very bright future ahead, in get in now while you can." ...

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Mother of Reinvention : Ernie Whalley, The Sunday Times

"Give your support and you will be rewarded with David O'Byrne's food - of stunning quality and rich in imagination. We had a great time here; you will, too."

Impressed by Richmond's New Gig : Gillian Nelis, The Sunday Business Post

"(Richmond) is turning out impressively cooked and flavourful food for a very fair price, which is exactly what a good neighbourhood restaurant should be doing. Throw in some really great service and wines to suit a range of budgets and you've got a pretty enticing proposition..."

"In Portobello, a New Restaurant Offers Burgers and Steaks"

Louisa McGrath - Dublin Inquirer

"The Best Irish Restaurants to Eat in This Year"

Katy McGuinness - Independent


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